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Article I - The organiser

At.Flo Limited, Headquarters: 196 Kirby Road PORTSMOUTH PO2 0QB, registers in England: 11720253 offers a sponsorship offer to its customers.

Article II - Special conditions

1.The sponsorship offer is reserved for all customers:

•Residing in the United Kingdom,
•Having internet access,
•Having received the sponsorship proposal email sent by At.Flo Limited,
•Over 18 years old,

2.The sponsorship offer is valid for 6 months from the date of receipt of the outgoing commercial email.

3.Any participation in a form other than that provided for in these regulations will not be taken into consideration, and will therefore be considered null and void and may not give rise to any refund of connection costs.

4.You cannot refer friends using a temporary email address. These sponsorships will not be considered valid.

Article III – Modalities

To participate, the "sponsor" customer selected and having received the sales prospecting email sent by At.Flo Limited.

Article IV - Endowment Sponsor – Sponsee

IV-I: The Sponsor

The sponsor will receive, once their sponsee’s order has been processed and paid for on At.Flo, a promotional code by email, allowing them to benefit from a 15% discount on a single next order. The promotional code with a validity date of 6 months counted from its receipt.

IV-I: The Sponsee

The Sponsee will benefit from a 15% reduction for an order of £ 55 minimum AND after using the promotional code "WELCOMEATFLO". The sponsor must imperatively enter the name of his sponsor in the "add a note" box during the checkout. The name compliance with this rule will result in the invalidity of the partnership program. The use of fraudulent means or any attempt to circumvent the rules of the Operation will result in the cancellation of the registration and participation in the Operation.

Article V – Attribution

V-I: Designation of the sponsee:

The operation applies for one person per household (same name, same address). Only one Sponsee can be designated within the same household (same name, same address). The Sponsee must have a billing address and a delivery address different from those of his Sponsor and his other Sponsee.
The sponsee must use his own means of payment (if the sponsee uses the same bank card as his sponsor, the sponsorship will not be taken into account). The sponsorship works in a private setting. Referrals must be acquaintances, friends or relatives of their sponsors. It is forbidden to publish your sponsor offer on the Internet, whether in forums, newsgroups or other Internet sites. It is also forbidden for the sponsor to sponsor himself or herself, by creating two separate customer accounts.

V-II: Designation of the sponsor

At.Flo Limited reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided by participants (sponsor and sponsored). The participants in this operation (sponsee and sponsors) must authorise all checks concerning the validity of their sponsorship. If after verification, disputed elements remain, validation may be refused. Any false declaration automatically results in the elimination of the participation.

Article VI - Other conditions

VI-I: Duration

At.Flo Limited reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify and even cancel the sponsorship operation if the circumstances so require; it cannot be held liable for this fact, for any reason whatsoever.

VI-II: Participation

Participation in this sponsorship operation implies full acceptance of these rules. Participants expressly authorise At.Flo Limited to publish their contact details in any advertising-promotional event linked to this sponsorship operation without this publication giving rise to any consideration other than the prize received.

VI-III: Consultation of said regulation

The regulations for this transaction can be viewed online in their entirety for the duration of the transaction, on the website on the pages reserved for sponsee and sponsors.