You will be surprised by the sweetness of this sauerkraut.


For 2 persons.

Traditional Sauerkraut with Riesling - Choucroute Garnie au Riesling

  • Sauerkraut from France 58% (cabbage, salt),
    Charcuterie and meat Pure Pork from France * 32%,
    Strasbourg sausages * (pork 57%, water, pork fat, beef 6%, salt, dehydrated plasmas, spices and aromatic plants, stabilizers: E450-451, glucose syrup, dextrose, antioxidants: E300-301, flavor enhancer : E621, natural flavors, preservative: E250),
    Pork tenderloin * (pork tenderloin, water, salt, dextrose, stabilizers: E450-451, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250, natural flavors)
    Smoked breast * (pork belly, water, salt, dextrose, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250),
    Riesling 0.3%,
    Juniper berries,
    Antioxidant E300
    * Possible presence of lactose, mustard, egg, gluten and nuts