Enjoy the authentic recipe of St Michel nature madeleines with the unique scent of almond and vanilla.

Generous, mellow and golden at the same time, our madeleines are made with eggs from hens raised outdoors and can be enjoyed at any time.

Saint Michel Shell Madeleines - Madeleines Coquille Saint Michel - 500G

  • WHEAT flour (35%),
    Non-hydrogenated rapeseed oil,
    EGGS from free-range hens (16%),
    Glycerol stabilizer,
    Glucose-fructose syrup,
    Fresh pasteurized semi-skimmed MILK (5%),
    Powders raise: sodium diphosphates and carbonates (BLE),
    Emulsifier: lecithins (SOY),

    Possible traces of nuts

  • Energy 1845 Kj
    Energy 441 Kcal
    Fat 22g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 2.3g
    55g carbohydrates
    Of which 23g sugars
    Dietary Fibre 11g
    5.8g protein
    0.72g salt