Like all our soups, it is prepared from local peaches and cooked in small quantities and in stages, so that each ingredient gives its flavor. The langoustine supreme, prepared from whole langoustines, is a fine and delicate soup, in which we find all the flavor of the langoustine. 


You can garnish it with a dash of crème fraîche.


750 g box for about 3/4 plates.



Langoustine Supreme Jar - Suprême de Langoustine - 750g

  • Water
    Fish (20%)
    Langoustines (10%)
    Vegetables (carrots, onions)
    Tomato puree
    extra virgin olive oil
    Thickeners: guar and carob seed flours
    Natural aromas
    Aromatic plants

  • Energy: 152KJ / 36Kcal
    Proteins: 4.5g
    Carbohydrates: 0.5g of which sugars <0.5g
    Fat: 1.7g of which 0.3g saturated FA
    Salt: 1.0g