Exclusively prepared from tuna “loins”, noble parts located along the central ridge, perfectly boned.


In this recipe, find the flavor of tuna embellished with a light touch of tarragon, a nice soft consistency, punctuated with small pieces of tuna, to present on toast or as a garnish of cherry tomatoes, as an aperitif or as a starter .


121 ml - 90g


Tuna rillettes - Rillettes de Thon, 121ml

  • Yellowfin tuna (56% implemented)
    Colza oil
    Milk protein
    Aromatic plants (including garlic)
    Thickeners: guar and carob seed flours

  • Energy: 1102KJ / 265Kcal
    Proteins: 19g
    Carbohydrates: 1g including 0.7g of sugars
    Fat: 20g including 1.5g saturated GA
    Salt: 0.90g