LU Petit Ecolier milk chocolate: a cult cookie for all gourmets!
1 package contains approximately 12 cookies.

Lu Petit Ecolier Milk Chocolate - Biscuits Petit Ecolier Chocolat au Lait - 150G

  • - PETIT BEURRE 52%: WHEAT flour 68.1%,
    Pastry BUTTER 14.7%,
    Skimmed-MILK powder,
    Baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate),
    Corrector acidity (citric acid).

    - 48% MILK CHOCOLATE: Sugar,
    Cocoa butter,
    Cocoa mass,
    Skimmed MILK powder,
    Glucose syrup,
    Pastry BUTTER,
    Emulsifier (SOY lecithin),
    Vanilla flavor.


  • Energy 2095 Kj
    Energy 500 Kcal
    Fat 24g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 15g
    65g carbohydrates
    Of which 40g sugars
    Dietary Fibre 2.6g
    6.5g protein
    0.6g salt