Like all of our soups, Lobster Bisque is prepared from local peaches and cooked in small quantities and in stages, so that each ingredient gives its flavor. Lobster bisque is a creamy soup of character, made from whole Breton lobsters. 


Enjoy it plain or with a drizzle of crème fraîche and plain croutons.


404 g box for about 1 plate.



Lobster Bisque Can - Bisque de Homard - 404g

  • Water
    Fish (19%)
    Whole lobsters (6%)
    Vegetables (carrots, onions)
    Tomato puree
    Whole langoustines
    White wine
    extra virgin olive oil
    Thickeners: guar and carob seed flours
    Aromatic plants

  • Energy: 172KJ / 41Kcal
    Proteins: 4.3g
    Carbohydrates: 1.9g including 0.7g of sugars
    Fat: 1.7g including 0.4g saturated FA
    Salt: 1.0g