Prepared from sardines landed on our side and fished during the season: the sardines are threaded and peeled by hand. 


This recipe is a subtle and delicate mix between cumin and coriander on one side and sardine on the other. Serve as an aperitif with endive tips or as a garnish with stuffed tomatoes as a starter.


121ml - 90g


Cumin and Coriander Sardine Rillettes - Rillettes Sardines Cumin et Coriandre

  • Sardine fillets (62% implemented)
    Colza oil
    Milk protein
    Tomato puree
    Spices (including cumin and coriander: 0.6%)
    Thickeners: guar and carob seed flours
    Lemon juice
    Aromatic plant.

  • Energy: 850KJ / 204Kcal
    Proteins: 18g
    Carbohydrates: 1.5g including 0.5g of sugars
    Fat: 14g including 2.6g saturated GA
    Salt: 1.1g