Those rillettes are made from pork and onion. The Chaiseronne pork has been fed GMO-free barley meal for over 25 years and has no antibiotics. It is raised in 3 family farms in the South Channel and 50% of them are raised on sawdust litter and semi-open-air. It is carefully processed in Brécey workshops.

Coarse Pork Rillettes - Rillettes de Porc - 90g

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  • Meat and pork fat from Normandy
    (France) raised with barley flour,

  • Energy 1887 Kj
    Energy 451 Kcal
    Fat 42,9g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 16,4g
    carbohydrates 0,5g
    Of which 0,4g sugars
    protein 15,8g
    1,50g salt

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