Foie Gras with Red Onion Cream

Preparation time: 12 minutes

Cooking time: 18 minutes 


Ingredients for 4 persons:

Foie gras ravioli: 

  • 24 sheets of square Chinese ravioli dough (3 ravioli per person) 

  • 180g of raw duck foie gras, cut into 1.5cm on the side

  • 2 egg yolks 

  • 1 tonka bean 

  • Fine salt and pepper from the mill

Onion cream: 

  • 2 red onions peeled and finely sliced 

  • 15g of half salt butter

  • 10cl of blond beer

  • 33cl of whole liquid cream 

  • Some pluches of chervil 

  • Olive oil 

  • Fine salt and pepper from the mill



  • In a hot pan, pour a dash of olive oil and butter nut, add the onions, salt, color slightly and let caramelize. 

  • Pour the beer then bring to the boil, lower the fire and cream.

  • Zest the tonka bean. Season with salt and pepper.

  • Let cook for 9 minutes.

  • Book now.

  • Spread 12 sheets of ravioli dough, place 1 cube of foie gras in the center of each leaf, salt and pepper, table around with a little egg yolk, lay a second sheet of ravioli dough and close without making folds to avoid bringing in water and air while cooking.

  • Drop the coin off and form a round ravioli. 

  • In a pan of quivering water, dive the ravioli for 3 minutes, drain and put it tin hollow plates.

  • Table with onion cream.

  • Decorate with chervil.